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Hybuf Ruminant Buffer (cattle)

Compass Feeds Hybuf Ruminant Buffer.Rumen Buffering Supplement for Sheep, Lambs and Cattle.

Buffers in Ruminant nutrition are specific compounds that dilute or neutralize excessive acids within the digestive system. Buffers supplement the natural manufacture of buffers that occur in saliva. These compounds help overcome the often harmful effects of excessive acid production particularly when stock are consuming high grain diets or being fed high grain ratio supplements. These rations contain more readily fermentable starch which results in increased acid production in the rumen and subsequent acidosis. Also, today’s high grain diets which contain lower fibre levels, result in less chewing time and reduced production of saliva.
A buffer maintains the acidity level, or pH, within a narrow range when either an acid or a base is added to the dietary compound.
Too much acidity can reduce feed intake, decrease ration digestibility, lower milk production and decrease butterfat test. Excess rumen acidity also endangers cow health. Rumen Acidosis can bring on fatty liver syndrome, liver abscesses, rumenitis and laminitis. Under high feeding regimes, when excessive acid may be a problem, additional insurance in the use of a quality buffer is recommended.

High corn silage rations are low in pH. Combined with less salivary secretion can lead to more acid in the rumen.

High Grain-Low fibre rations depress rumination and result in depressed feed intake .

High grain concentrate rations with high levels of starch can be fermented rapidly and lead to subclinical acidosis.

Early lactation/ high production---Buffers help in the transition to high concentrate rations after lambing or calving. This is a high risk time for acidosis.

Heat stress can reduce dry matter intake and affect electrolyte balance. Buffers can help restore feed intake and replace lost electrolytes.

Hybuf is a unique blend of Acidic buffers and alkalizing products that work together to reduce the harmful effects of Acidosis.
This palatable product is readily consumed as a lick supplement for both sheep and cattle or can be added to a complete grain mix.

Code: 3113

Feeding Rates
Sheep, 20-30 grams/head per day
Cattle, 150-200 grams/ head per day
Or add 1 x 25 kg bag and mix thoroughly with grain. The addition of molasses to this regime will also prove as an aid in dust suppress.

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