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Editorial - TRANSFORCE


Lots of rain, rapid pasture growth, warm sunny periods, all lead to an abundance of lush feed, that can be very “washy”. These conditions can often lead animals to scouring, and in severe cases, dehydration. Compass Feeds Pty ltd manufactures a very important product that plays a vital role in Sheep and Cattle grazing under these conditions.

The product, TRANSFORCE ,is a soluble High Energy Vitamin and Mineral complex with added rumen buffers and Glycine. It is well documented that cattle and sheep that have been grazing lush pasture, mustered, moved, transported, or weaned undergo a series of physiological changes that impact on muscle function, electrolyte balance and certain metabolic disturbances that can take an extraordinary amount time to repair or reverse. Most of the smooth muscle challenge and the lack of thrift are seen during and post transport, often resulting in some deaths, but more generally, we see production and management challenges that require veterinary intervention .Commonly up to 12% shrinkage can occur in livestock during medium to long distance haulage. Problems with Ph fluctuations causing dark cutters in cattle can often be attributed to time and distance travel. Magnesium and Vitamin E are ingredients found in Transforce and both have activities to complement smooth muscle function in livestock.

It is also well documented that that deprivation of water to transported livestock can cause dehydration and bodyweight loss as well as electrolyte imbalances. The provision of TRANSFORCE for 3-4 days prior to and post transport of livestock can help to reduce the impact of condition degradation in these animals. Not only is this an animal welfare issue, but, as importantly, a productivity issue.

Well known South Australian cattle entities, Bruce and Libby Creek, Avenue Range are quoted as saying “We have transported cattle to many parts of Australia over the years and have consistently found that by using Transforce, they arrive at the destination relaxed and as if they have just come out of the paddock. Using Transforce at weaning and for all pre-trucking is mandatory practice in our livestock management program." Bruce Creek.

TRANSFORCE is recommended for livestock during, and after transport, or, used in sheep and cattle feedlots prior to entry, exit or curfew. Beneficial when animals are scouring and dehydration is imminent. Transforce is an excellent weaning tool and should be provided to calves or lambs throughout the entire weaning process. Yard weaning with this product is recommended .

This highly soluble product that is mixed with water is designed to be given to sheep and cattle during the periods, before and after stressful activities such as, handling, weaning, mustering, transport or during periods of adaptation to high grain diets.

TRANSFORCE can be used in header tanks or water medicating dispensers or, can be simply added to the water through or applied to hay or grain.

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