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Liquid Minerals-Se

Compass Liquid Minerals-Se

Compass Liquid Minerals are formulated specifically to aid livestock production and, with the use of a natural chelating compound these products are easily absorbed and utilized by the animal.

Compass Liquid Minerals-Se is a trace element supplement formulated for both sheep and cattle, when administered correctly, this product will increase the dietary intake of certain trace elements essential for animal performance and production.

Our Liquid product range will help address a wide scope of performance and production strategies, designed to improve animal performance results, in a cost effective manner. Often liquid trace element products, or ionic menerals are more appropriate for use in animal treatments than some conventional supplements, Compass Liquids can be dosed in the following manner:

  • Orally as a drench
  • Manually added to tank or trough (85ml per 1,000ltrs of water)
  • Applied to Hay (allow time for product to soak)
  • As an addition to grain based supplements

Timing is also a critical component of any Liquid Nutrition Product, although the product is designed for application to sheep and adult cattle on a six weekly basis Compass Liquid Minerals can be fed to younger Cattle on a more frequent basis:

  • Calves at 4-6 weeks of age : dose 5 ml every 2 weeks
  • Calves at 60-120 kg : dose 10 ml every 2 weeks
  • Calves at 100-200 kg : dose 10-20 ml every 4 weeks
  • Calves at 200-300 kg : dose 25-30ml every 4 weeks
  • Cattle at 300-400 kg : dose 30-40 ml every 6 weeks
  • Cattle at 300-400 kg : dose 30-40 ml every 6 weeks

    Please note, once cattle reach 100 kg live-weight, dosage rates should be: 10ml/100 kg LBW.

    • Lambs and tail end sheep : dose at 5ml every 6 weeks
    • Adult Sheep : dose at 10ml every 6 weeks
    • Rams : dose at 12-15ml every 6 weeks

    Do not dose sheep under 6 weeks interval unless directed by Vet or Compass Feeds Pty. Ltd.

Soluble Graze Force for Sheep & Cattle

Compass Feeds Soluble GrazeForce for Sheep & CattleA concentrated soluble blend of Macro and Trace minerals with added Selenium and soluble sugars for Sheep and Cattle.

Formulated for animals grazing under less than optimum conditions or to compliment those minerals lacking in available feedstuffs.

Designed to enhance or help achieve optimal performance and optimise immune response.

This highly soluble product can be used in header tanks or water medicating dispensers. Can be used as a supplement in Sheep or Cattle feedlots or other intensive feeding situations, or, simply applied to hay or grain.


Magnesium, Manganese, Cobalt, Copper , Phosphorous , Calcium , Zinc , Sodium Chloride, Disaccharides, Selenium, Disaccharides.

Dose Rate for Cattle 3-5 grams per animal per day.

Dose Rate for Sheep 0.5-1 gram per animal per day.

Timing: All Year. Particularly suitable in Intensive situations.

Pack: 10 KG BAG, 20 KG BAG

Code: 10kg: 3068, 20kg: 3067



A soluble High Energy Vitamin and Mineral complex with added rumen buffers and Glycine.

Recommended for Animals during, and after transport, or, used in sheep and cattle feedlots prior to entry, exit or curfew. Beneficial when animals are scoring and dehydration is imminent.


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