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Lamb Feedlot Strategy

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Lamb Feedlot Strategy

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Critical Timing

To Do Notes

Observations and Applications

Supplements and Treatments

10-14 Days

Prior To


If you have

Bred Lambs

Begin Pre feeding lambs with cereal grain/legume mix 80/20 and include Lambgrow Intensive Pellet. .Provide access to roughage and clean water. Pre feeding treatments with 6 in 1 Vaccine, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A,D & E must be done now. Use Maxivit oral A&E product @ 5ml/hd. As a drench

Feed Lambs at 100-150 grams per day of grain mix plus Quality hay. Maintain on pasture. Water, hay or grain treatment with Boost Liquid [not currently available] at 5 ml/hd/day. Period of grain introduction and transition for Vaccines, drench for internal parasites and treat for fly if required.

1. Vitamin B12 Injection (2ml)

2. Vitamin A, & E Oral Drench, Maxivit@ 5ml

3. Vaccine Prefer 6in1

4. Quality Cereal, Legume Hay.

5. Cereal grain/Legume mix (80/20) with Premix

6.Compass Boost Liquid @ 5 ml/hd/day

10-14 days Days

Prior to Start

If you have

Purchased Lambs

Rehydrate lambs with TransForce Liquid or Boost Liquid. After Transit. Feed Grain Mix and quality roughage. Vaccinate, ADE (maxivit), B12,

Make sure all lambs are vaccinated and are being fed grain mix with ad lib roughage. Grain mix should be fed at 100-150 grams/head/day. Increase grain slowly each day by small increments .Drench for internal parasite and treat for Fly if required. Grain mix should contain 2.5% Lambgrow intensive

1. Vitamin B12 injection

2. Vitamin A & E oral drench, Maxivit@ 5ml

3. Vaccine prefer 6in1

4 .Quality Cereal, legume hay.

5.Cereal grain/Legume mix (80/20) + Pellet

6. Boost Liquid @5ml/hd/day

Day 1-14 Days


Grain Mix should be starter, feed at least at 300 grams/hd/day. Supply roughage or hay either adlib or at least 40% OF TMR. Continue with Boost Liquid @ 5ml per hd/day. Start to open feeders. Lambs should be eating well.

Critical period for rest of feed time. Lambs need to be watched around days 10-14 for scouring. This is a time when engorgement can take place. Feed adlib hay or supply TMR with at least 40% roughage. Keep supply of straw handy. Continue with Boost Liquid @ 5 ml per hd/day

1. Quality Cereal, Legume Hay.

2. Use Lambgrow Intensive Pellet @ 2.5%

3. Boost :Liquid @ 5 ml hd/day

Days 15-30

Maintain adaption to grain and increase to full Grain feeding, Boost Liquid can now be phased down to 2.5ml/hd/day in water. Lambs should be well on to full feed or open self feeder.

Make sure TMR roughage is at least 20% until day 30 or adlib cereal hay.

1. Quality Cereal Hay.

2. Grain Mix + Lambgrow Pellet @ 2.5%.

3. Cereal grain/Legume mix TMR should be 20%

6. slow off Boost liquid

Day 30 to finish

Full feeding should be in place. Feed at 3% of live bodyweight as a guide

roughage should be 10% of daily intake

Keep straw at ready for cold wet days.

Lambs will over eat prior to and after wet cold weather. Make sure lambs have adequate Straw to fill on. Watch for scouring.

1.Finish grain mix + Lambgrow Intensive @ 2.5%.

2.Use straw where required as filler

3.Use quality Cereal hay at all times

Use BOOST Liquid@ 10 ml, 5-7 days before transit, in water.

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