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Lambing Strategy

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Critical Timing

TO DO Notes

Observations & Applications

Supplements & Treatments

6 weeks prior to lambing

Start ewe on B4Lamb supplement, free choice for 6 weeks. Or if highly fertilised pastures are used, choose LeadA Soluble for 6 weeks only.

Make sure body condition score is 3-4. Over fat ewes will prove difficult to manage. The last 50 days of pregnancy are very important and increasing body weight should be gradual.

1.Vitamin B12 injection

2.Vitamin A,D,E Drench 5ml hd

3.B4 Mate or LeadA Soluble @ 20 gms/hd/day.

4.Quality Hay.

5.Grain/legume Mix 80/20 100 gms/hd/day

Day 1 or start of Lambing to Day20

Continue as above. Add Transforce Liquid to water @ 5ml/hd/day to increase Mg level.

If lambing on productive pastures, use Magforce as a free choice supplement

Important to keep smooth muscle performance at peak. Watch for signs of Preg Tox or lambing problems, Dystocia particularly in maiden ewes. Early intervention is critical. If required, use Magforce.

1.Quality Hay is vital

2.Transforce liquid 2 5 ml/hd/day

3.B4Lamb or Magforce


If lambing on productive pastures with high feed value, re-introduce LeadA for 14 days free choice or applied to hay. Normal pasture

Continue with Magforce or B4Lamb free choice supplement. Add Transforce Liquid to water @ 5ml/hd/day

Watch for signs of Milk fever or Lambing difficulties. Keep ewe chewing, supply good quality cereal or legume hay. Not Straw if possible, unless lambing on Lucerne.

1.Quality cereal Hay, or legume

2.LeadA free choice or on hay @ 20 gms/hd/day. If required on lucerne

3.Transforce Liquid in water @5ml/hd/day

4.Magforce or B4Lamb Supplement free choice




Stop LeadA. Stop B4 Lamb

Use Transforce Soluble in water @ 5ml/hd/day or Magforce free choice

Continue to feed quality Hay.




Watch for signs of lambing problems with late lambing ewes.

Keep ewe in good body condition by controlling feed intake and supplements. Ideally CS 3.5-4 at

Tailing time.

1.Quality Cereal /Legume Pasture hay

2.Magforce free choice

3.Transforce Liquid @5 ml/hd/day in water.




From the Start of Lambing

Ewes may need supplementary grain.

If grain is being fed, call Compass Feeds for feeding rates if you are unsure.

Any signs of Milk fever or Preg Tox need to be treated early. Veterinary intervention may be required if these problems occur over 2%.


80/20 Cereal to Legume mix with 2.5% added Lambgrow Pellet is ideal. Ewes need to maintain bodyweight through pregnancy with slow adaption to supplements in last 50 days

Allow ewes access to high magnesium products like Magforce after lambing to encourage milk flow.

All of the above products also contribute Vitamin E and B1


Use of part or all of this strategy negates liability for any loss, financial, physical or otherwise that may arise.


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