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Make the most of Dry Feed this Summer

Dry Feed Assist for Sheep


Making the most of summer dry feed, whether it's crop residue in the form of stubbles or whether it's dry standing excess pasture is the most important part of keeping production values up at this time of year for grazing livestock.

Spring has past and we have had to cope with an excess of pasture and as time passes the nutrient value of this dry feed falls. To support animals and production during this time it's always worthwhile to use a Grazing Mineral, with or without Urea. We also need to remind ourselves of other things we need to do to make sure our stock take advantage from every morsel.

Firstly, make sure you have a strategy for internal and external parasites, this is the time of year when decisions now will have an impact through to Autumn. Grazing livestock need some support in this area, regardless of whether you are a large operation or small. Have a faecal egg test done now so that you can drench onto dry feed effectively if required.  Make sure that specific animal health treatments are part of a specific program and not a random drench or injection. Elevating immune response and having stock in forward and healthy condition always makes it easy to cope with hot dry conditions and a lack of quality forage. At some stage, grain feeding becomes a requirement, But, lets take advantage of good quality dry feed while we can.

 Make the most of dry feed during summer

Vitamins A and E are the first 2 micro nutrients to disappear during the dry times, sheep and cattle will benefit from a simple drench or injection, along with vitamin B12 the treatment should be done prior to animals going into fresh paddock or stubble .Once the animal is on the dry feed, balanced supplements like DRY FEED ASSIST-SHEEP or Dry Feed Assist-Cattle  contain correct amounts of macro and trace elements  and urea, that aid the animals feed conversion efficiency by increasing the need to consume and utilise dry feed. The host of minerals and trace elements help support the animal with other nutrient short falls as well. Make sure that you pay attention to Urea based products during rain sessions, showers are fine, but, if it's a lot of rain place supplements under a tree where stock camp or withdraw or cover if you can. Gradually move supplements away from water points out into the dry feed. DRY FEED ASSIST-SHEEP and DRY FEED ASSIST-CATTLE are manufactured with an " all weather formula", allowing more confidence for the end user.

Often the best we hope for with dry feed or stubble is to hold condition or body score during periods of low quality forage intake. Once we decide to add weight to younger stock or to control condition score on stock with less than ideal cover, grain is the supplement of choice. A few tips when supplementary feeding.

  • Make sure vaccinations for Pulpy Kidney etc are up to date
  • Start feeding grain while there is still a source of quality roughage
  • Feed small amounts of grain each day and increase volume slowly, trail feeding is good.
  • Try to use low starch products like Lupins and Oats (20:80 mix).
  • Make sure that if self -feeders are used, they adjusted daily until you reach the target intake level.
  • Feed minerals and buffer compilations, such as StubbleLix or Grain Assist with the grain.
  • Feed to bodyweight (1-1.5% of animals bodyweight in grain is a good starting target).
  • Make sure the animal always has roughage if you use Urea based products.
  • Lots of fresh water is a must.

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