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Compass Feeds Sheep Products

Basic Sheep Mineral

Compass Feeds Basic Sheep Mineral

For more information on Basic Sheep Minerals please contact us directly.

Compass Basic Sheep Minerals is formulated for ease of use and feeding. This product can be fed to all classes of Sheep where a basic mineralized adlib lick is required, particularly when feeding cereal grains.

All sheep require a minimum daily intake of macro and trace minerals, particularly when production parameters are either not met or are in short supply. Pregnant sheep require adequate amounts of Calcium, which is the most abundant chemical in the body, during all stages of pregnancy.

Dietary requirements for Calcium range from 0.3% in dry matter for rams, to, 0.5% for early weaned lambs. The ewe has an “adequate” range of from

0.36% to 1.4% of dry matter. A 60 kg ewe in advanced pregnancy, carrying twins requires 10.1 grams of Calcium per day. Milk fever is also caused by a fall in blood calcium levels. This most common in ewes prior to lambing and while milking. Low serum Calcium levels can occur in any sheep. Calcium deficiency may also be induced by yarding without feed, by transport, during cold wet weather, when feeding grain for prolonged periods of time without mineral supplementation or by ewes grazing green oats, wheat or rapidly growing grasses.

A large number of sheep are usually affected and go down very suddenly with nervous signs and legs stretched out behind them, mortality rates can be high and sudden.

Compass Basic Sheep Minerals is designed to be fed adlib and unrestricted, make sure the lick is placed in a container that can drain if affected by weather. Place near a water trough and replace regularly. Do Not withdraw suddenly if feeding is to cease, gradually replace with any new product. Sheep are very dependent particularly when being hand fed grain or late in pregnancy.

The Calcium to Phosphorous ratio is also very important and should always be between, 2:1 and 3:1, however, a calcium to Phosphorous ration of

4:1 is excessive.

Vitamin D is required for Calcium and Phosphorous metabolism and is added to Compass Basic Sheep Minerals along with vitamins A and E.

  • A Basic compliment of Macro Elements
  • Vitamins A,D and E
  • High levels of Zinc and Vitamin A

Easily fed to Ewes and other classes of sheep. If feeding to pregnant ewes, please discuss 3rd Trimester of pregnancy options with Compass Feeds.

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