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Compass Feeds Sheep Products

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Maxivit A & E Drench

Compasss Feeds Maxivit Vitamin A & E drench for Sheep & LambsDRENCHABLE VITAMIN A & E FOR SHEEP

Maxivit for Sheep is an oral drench designed specifically for Sheep. Maxivit is best used as a supplemental form of Vitamin A and Vitamin E for Lambs and Sheep, on entry to feedlots and confinement feeding. Maxivit is also a valuable vitamin supplement that is ideal to use in dry periods and as a supplement prior to Joining, before lambing and at weaning.

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Vitamin E Drench

Compass Feeds Vitamin E Drench for Sheep & Lambs.Vitamin E plays a very important role in animal production. Adequate Vitamin E is essential for the maintenance of manycellular functions. Vitamin E is particularly important for immune system functions and the ability to fight disease. Recent research also indicates Vitamin E enhances meat keeping qualities.

Vitamin E plays a very important role not only in intensive feeding systems but also under general grazing conditions.

As a biological antioxidant vitamin E not only mops up free radicals, but also has a role in smooth muscle function, particularly at lambing and is vitally important in aiding white muscle disease, lameness in sheep and muscle wasting during dry conditions where a lack of quality pasture fails to provide normal Vitamin E intake. Vitamin E is mostly found where green feed is abundant.

The role of biological antioxidants such as Vitamin E is to protect cell membranes and other oxidising materials in the body from attack by free radicals.

Selenium and Vitamin E rely on each for elevation of animal health, additional Vitamin E is required where Selenium is lacking.

Current research suggests that oral applications of Vitamin E also plays a role in the respiratory system.

Oral dosing can often give a more rapid response than subcutaneous injection, oral doses of 120mg d-a tocopherol have been shown to raise nutrient plasma levels for 1 week and liver levels for 9 weeks [Puls et al 1994].

Compass Vitamin E drench is a simple 5 ml per animal dose delivering 2000 international units of Vitamin E and comes in a handy 5 ltr container , enough to drench 1000 sheep and also in a handy 2 ltr container.

This simple production booster is used at times of high stress including Weaning , Lambing, Mating, entry to feedlots and where Vitamin E is found to be limited.


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